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We are a professional Audio Visual Consultancy & Integration Company known for our unique approach to audio visual & control design. Our uniquely placed company overcomes common industry performance limitations by using advanced algorithms, integral to their designs, to meet the needs of every Client. The result is a design and integrated service that provides a stunning end result and unmatched user ability together with unmatched performance in all areas of the design.



Our system design and consultancy team excel at developing ingenious engineering solutions by using proven products in creative ways. We work closely with Developers, Architects, Builders and Interior Design professionals to simplify complex technology systems, generate straightforward proposals, and integrate the technology seamlessly into the aesthetic vision. SONIDO TECHNOLOGY has a wealth of experience when designing audio visual solutions of any scale. Collaborating closely with our technology partners, research and design experts, and you as the Client - we will define the ideal Solution for your needs. As the first step in the design of any AV system, our design consultants analyze technological, architectural, and budgetary parameters to determine the best solution for you. We are vendor neutral, so we will draw from a wide range of technologies, makes, models and brands.


With access to the latest technologies and World leading brands, SONIDO TECHNOLOGY; Design, Supply, Install and Support, all hardware and peripherals required to provide a personalized, innovative and effective Solution. We commit to provide a guaranteed outcome and to exceed expectations in functionality, performance and value. Our Certified Engineers are qualified to provide individually tailored options for a wide range of services which includes work in, Corporate AV, Theme parks & Leisure, F&B, Education AV, Residential Projects and the servicing and maintenance thereof.


Pre-sales support in the industry is an important part of the process as Clients require a certain solution within a certain Budget. It is key that the design ideas are incorporated with a commercial awareness and understanding that both parties are in agreement. Our design team is well versed when bringing innovated ideas to clients with a budget in mind. SONIDO TECHNOLOGY recognizes that of the leading factors surrounding customer satisfaction and we strive to focus on; products and services which are customer focused and therefore provide high levels of value for money providing you a requirement which suits your needs, customer service which provides personal attention to the needs of individual customers, and post-sales service - following up the original purchase with after sales support such as maintenance and technology updates or product changes.


SONIDO TECHNOLOGY are proud to offer bespoke fitness and wellbeing solutions for this unique industry. Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, there have been a number of Fitness Trends that have been introduced which have seen a surge within the local fitness industry. Over the past few years, one of Sonido Technologies areas of concentration within the AV industry has been providing first-class audio and audiovisual systems for boutique gyms, fitness facilities and spin studios. We’ve delivered sound, visual and lighting systems for some of the Region’s most in-demand fitness venues.


Whilst providing AV Solutions, SONIDO TECHNOLOGY also has a AV equipment that can be hired out as an add-on to our core business. Should there be a requirement for Projection Mapping to a weeding to even a small event, we have competitive rates to suit all budgets and are always willing to support potential Clients in bringing their ideas into reality utilizing high-quality audio-visual items.

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From Project managers, engineers to technicians and designers, our staff have been at the forefront of Solutions for many of the Regions Prestigious Projects and high-end clients. The capability & expertise of staff that SONIDO TECHNOLOGY can call on is unmistakable and the support offered can be arranged at any time.

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